How do I get access to the API?

Please contact me using the contact form to request an API key.

What functions are available for the API?

  1. "status": Returns "status" which will indicate if TTR is up or down. If TTR is accessible, the value will be TRUE. If TTR is inaccessible, the value returned will indicate which part of TTR is down. These are all return values:

    • status - TRUE if TTR is accessible or FALSE if not.
    • reason - If TTR is inaccessible, this value will return the reason. Otherwise, this value will not be returned. These are possible reasons:
      1. Main website is offline
      2. Official status reports closed
      3. Authentication server is offline
      4. All game servers are offline

    URI: api.php?key=YOURKEY&func=status
    Returns: {"status":false,"reason":"Main website is offline"}
  2. "server-details": This value requires you to specify the server ID of the server you're checking using the "server-id" variable. You can find the server ID by going to the Sitemap, selecting which server you want, and then copying the "server ID" from the URL. For example, the authentication server's ID is 2. These are all return values:

    • status - TRUE if server if online or FALSE if offline.
    • logical_name - The logical name of the server as presented on the site.
    • last_check - UNIX timestamp for the time a check was last performed on this server.
    • last_event - UNIX timestamp since the server's status was changed.
    • latency_today - The average latency of this server today.
    • uptime_today - The percentage of checks performed today in which the server was online.
    • check_enabled - TRUE if server is being monitored or FALSE if not.

    URI: api.php?key=YOURKEY&func=server-details&serverid=2
    Returns: {"status":true,"logical_name":"Authentication Server","last_check":"1497372962","last_event":"1497308402","latency_today":240.43,"uptime_today":100,"check_enabled":"1"}
  3. "event": This value returns the officially reported status from TTR. These are all return values:

    • time - UNIX timestamp of when the official status was last updated.
    • status - TRUE if TTR is open officially or FALSE if is closed officially.
    • notice - If a notice is placed on the main website, this value will specify what that notice is.

    URI: api.php?key=YOURKEY&func=event
    Returns: {"time":"1497309301","status":false,"notice":"Toontown will be down for an update between 4:00 - 4:15PM Toontown Time. (PDT)"}

What is the rate limit on this API?

Each key is assigned a specific rate limiting. I will inform you of yours when assigning your key. If you exceed this amount, your IP will be temporarily barred.