Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this website?

This website lists the current statuses of ToonTown Rewritten servers. If all servers are online and you are still having problems, check the Discord Chat or contact ToonTown Rewritten support at [email protected].

I see all the game servers are online but I still cannot connect! Why?!

If either the main website or account server are reported as down, you will be unable to get into ToonTown. This is true even if all game servers are reported as online. If all servers are online and you are still having problems, check the Discord Chat or contact ToonTown Rewritten support at [email protected].

How reliable is this website?

I strive to ensure that all the checks are working properly, but since I do not have complete access to TTR's servers and website, the checks I perform can be hit-or-miss. In the end, the website will evolve over time as I learn more about the way the servers work. Feel free to contact me if you know something I don't.

What does it mean when a server is "slow"?

If a server is being reported as being slow, then you'll still be able to connect to it, but it will be delayed when doing any activity. For example, if the account server is slow, then logging into the game will take longer than expected. If a game server is slow, then in-game activities/movements will not be as instantaneous as normal.

What exactly is the "Main Website", "Account Server", "Game Server", or "Update Server"?

  • Main Website: This is the website you see when you visit It shows you the news, allows you to download the launcher, check your account, and other TTR stuff. If the website is down, chances are the other servers will not respond properly.
  • Account Server: This is the server that authenticates your access into ToonTown. When you type your login in the launcher and click "Go!", it sends a request to the account server, which then gives the game your account information and a play cookie to get in. The account server is required to be up and running to get in at all.
  • Game Server: These are servers that you ultimately end up connecting to. Every action (movements, chat, battles) is sent to these game servers to give you the feeling that the game is literally live.
  • Update Server: These servers host the files for ToonTown. You are only connected to these servers when you open the launcher and it requires an update. The updated files are fetched from the update servers. If these are down and a new version of ToonTown is available, you will be unable to connect.

Is there a way I can access data on this site through an API of some sort?

Definitely! Have a look at the API page to gain access and learn more.

Do you actually play ToonTown Rewritten?

Yup, sure do. My name in game is Loopy Stubby Bumbleseed. I'm a red duck with a long beak and an attitude.

Are you a staff member for ToonTown Rewritten?

No. But one day, I may be. Who knows?

I have a comment, question, concern, complaint, or something else to say. How do I contact you?

Hop on over to my handy-dandy contact page and I'll get right back to you.

The world is ending tomorrow and I can't play ToonTown! HALP!

Uhhhhhh.. well, I'm not entirely sure how to help you then. Maybe you should eat some cookies and try again.